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Understanding Cannabis in Thailand: A Guide for Tourists

Thailand's rich cultural background and its relationship with cannabis

As Thailand has evolved into a beacon for cannabis tourism in Asia, understanding the nuances of its cannabis regulations is crucial for tourists. This guide aims to simplify the legal landscape, ensuring a hassle-free experience for visitors intrigued by Thailand’s cannabis culture. At the core of this exploration is ‘How High,’ a distinguished cannabis dispensary in Koh Samui, offering an insight into the responsible enjoyment of cannabis in Thailand.

Navigating Cannabis Legalization in Thailand

The Evolution of Cannabis Laws

Thailand’s journey towards cannabis liberalization marks a significant shift in Asian drug policy. With the legalization of medical marijuana in 2018, followed by the decriminalization of certain cannabis parts in 2021, Thailand has opened its doors to cannabis cultivation and consumption under regulated conditions.

Implications for Tourists

Tourists should note that while the private use of cannabis has been decriminalized, public consumption and possession of extracts with over 0.2% THC remain prohibited. Establishments like ‘How High’ comply strictly with these regulations, offering products sourced from licensed local farms.

Legal Considerations for Tourists

1. Restrictions on Import and Export

Tourists are prohibited from bringing cannabis seeds or plants into or out of Thailand, ensuring all products at ‘How High’ are locally sourced and legal.

2. Cultivation with Registration

While personal cultivation is legal, it requires registration through the “PLOOK GANJA” platform or the government’s official site.

3. Age and Health Restrictions

Cannabis is off-limits to those under 20, pregnant, or breastfeeding, unless prescribed by a health professional.

4. Requirement for Permits

Commercial activities with cannabis flower buds demand official permits, as do possession and use of high-THC extracts and synthetic THC.

Experiencing Cannabis in Thailand

Purchasing Cannabis Legally

Visitors can find cannabis in various licensed cafes and stores like ‘How High.’ Ensuring legality involves purchasing from places that visibly display their license.

Consumption Guidelines


  • Private Consumption: Enjoy cannabis in private settings to avoid legal issues.
  • Documentation: For medical use, carry relevant prescriptions or documents.


  • Public Consumption: Avoid using cannabis in public to respect local laws and customs.
  • Driving Under Influence: Refrain from driving after consuming cannabis-infused products.

Cannabis Culture in Thailand

Cannabis holds a place in Thai culture primarily for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. With recent legal changes, its acceptance has grown, blending into cuisine and wellness practices.

Cannabis-Infused Cuisine

Tourists are encouraged to explore cannabis-infused dishes at authorized restaurants, offering a unique taste of Thai flavors within legal THC limits.

Staying Informed and Safe

The landscape of cannabis laws in Thailand continues to evolve. Staying updated on regulations and cultural norms is essential for tourists wishing to explore cannabis safely.

Resources for Tourists

  • Thai Government Websites: For the latest cannabis laws and regulations.
  • Licensed Dispensaries: Establishments like ‘How High’ provide not only quality products but also guidance on safe and legal consumption.


Thailand offers a vibrant canvas for tourists to explore cannabis within a legal framework. By staying informed and respecting local laws, visitors can responsibly enjoy the cultural and wellness benefits of cannabis. ‘How High’ serves as a gateway to this experience in Koh Samui, prioritizing quality and customer education in Thailand’s evolving cannabis landscape.

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